Introduction from the Deputy Head (Pastoral)


The care and development of our pupils is pivotal to ensuring that they flourish.  Pupils who feel safe, supported and happy, perform better.   

"The care, support and guidance provided by the school are exceptional.  Provision is inclusive, fully embedded across all areas of the school, and contributes successfully to particularly high levels of wellbeing among pupils.” Estyn December 2017 

One of the many joys of a close community, with small class sizes and a strong house system, is that it creates relationships built on trust, respect and frequent communication. Here at Christ College there are numerous layers of care in addition to the housemasters and housemistresses, including the experienced Medical Centre staff, the chaplain and our school counsellor.

Healthy lifestyles generated by sports and activities, enhanced by outstanding food and allied to education within the PSE department, underpins the sense of wellbeing in the school. 

Pupils are regularly consulted about all aspects of school life, empowering them to take an active role in their development.  Chapel provides a short, but valuable sense of calm at the start of the school day and offers a place of solace for pupils of any faith or none.

“Pupils have a good awareness of their individual needs and the needs of others.  They form constructive friendships, particularly as part of their house family” Estyn December 2017.

We are proud of the supportive, close-knit and nurturing community that we have created.  The values of kindness, courtesy and participation are evident in everyday life and remain a defining characteristic of our outstanding community.

Simon Hill - Deputy Head (Pastoral)