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It is my priority in the first instance to ensure that St Nicholas House provides the finest education for its pupils. We have an effective, dynamic and energetic team here at St Nicholas House who inspire a love of learning. 

Having two children who have been pupils at Christ College has entirely convinced my husband and me that our decision to choose Christ College for our children was one of the best decisions we made for their future. Christ College truly offers first class education and, as our junior pupils start their journey through Christ College, we hope their parents will share the same sentiments.

However, schools are not schools without eager and vibrant young people filling its space. Our dynamic St Nicholas House pupils have made an impressive start and have helped shape the Junior Section, contributing to the building of a nurturing and successful environment where learners can express themselves and achieve, and as young pioneers, they are making history as they go along!

Mrs Julie Lewis

Head of Juniors

Junior School Information

Our Philosophy

Our overall aim is to extend the Christ College family  to younger children, offering the same warmth of community , the same belief in educating  the whole person, and the same qualities and values that we promote in the senior school , to those aged 7-11 as we do to our more senior pupils.

 Families of our current pupils perceive Christ College as a community - a friendly environment with a strong emphasis on pastoral care, support and guidance. We feel that now is the right time to extend our school to a wider age range and to share the values we promote with a younger generation. We encourage good manners, mutual respect and tolerance, and engender curiosity, hard work and a willingness to get involved in the community.


Outstanding personal care and support of your child is close to the heart of St Nicholas House, as it is in the Senior School. We already have an excellent track record of care, as evidenced in our most recent Estyn Inspection Report, which recognises us as having 'sector-leading practice' in this area. We offer this quality of care to younger pupils, who arguably benefit from it even more.


Our Classes

Throughout St Nicholas House, we aim to foster a love of reading and continue to develop the skills needed to be become confident, independent readers. 

Your child will be encouraged to make full use of the Junior School's well-resourced Library with its extensive range of fiction, non-fiction and reference texts. Daily Guided Reading sessions develop our pupils’ comprehension skills and facilitate discussion.

Creative and Performing Arts are also given a high profile. Drama features in curriculum planning and as an extra-curricular activity. All pupils have the opportunity to take part in Inter-House Public Speaking, Eisteddfod and Debating competitions.

The standard of Art and Design & Technology work produced by St Nicholas House pupils is of a very high standard, with individuality and creativity being nurtured. These subjects enjoy specialist facilities including a kiln which enables the study of ceramics to be included in the curriculum programme and access to networked computers to aid pupil research and inspire their planning of projects.

More formal assessments are introduced and pupils' work will be monitored and reported to parents through regular reports as well as Parent/Teacher Consultation Evenings. Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes although small class sizes will mean that your child will enjoy and benefit from exceptional levels of individual care and attention. 

Prep is more subject-based with the continuing expectation that pupils read each night. Pupils will receive a prep task most days, which ought to take no more than 30 minutes to complete. 

Pupils in Years Y3 and Y4 are provided with many opportunities to develop self-confidence and enrich their personal experience and learning opportunities through a varied programme of Performing Arts. 

Academic studies throughout Years Y5 and Y6 are complemented by a diverse programme of sporting and cultural activities which give a breadth of experience to pupils, offering them opportunities to enjoy new pursuits and develop additional skills.

Most Science lessons are delivered in Christ College’s Hubert Jones Science Centre. The Science Department aims to develop sophisticated understanding through first-hand experience whilst maintaining a balance between academic rigour and having fun.

Homework increases as your child progresses through Years Y5 and Y6 and attainment levels are carefully monitored to ensure your child will have really fulfilled their academic potential before leaving St Nicholas House.

Teamwork and individual excellence are a focus for development in Y5 and Y6 during PE and Games lessons. Your child will benefit from the extensive facilities here, and from expert coaching from experienced sports staff. We ensure as many pupils as possible have the opportunity to play for a team.


Mrs Julie LewisHead of St Nicholas House

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