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Worship and hymn

Our Chapel

For generations pupils and staff at Christ College have participated enthusiastically in worship and particularly in hymn singing, in a chapel building that has for a millennium been used to lift prayer and praise to God.

Christian worship here is not for spectators, but for participants, with pupils leading, reading, speaking, and praying and, of course, singing. Singing the great hymns together reinforces our strong sense of community, raises our spirits, and above all lifts our minds from the daily routines and immediate tasks of school life, reminding us of what is deeper, more lasting and more satisfying; in other words, of the presence of God in our world, our school and our lives.

“A most touching and illustrative emblem of social health here is the custom of pupils leading most morning chapel services, where they often share highly sensitive personal experiences – you wouldn’t do that if you didn’t feel you were among friends.”

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We hope that the great poetry and music that we experience in the chapel will enrich, enlighten and inspire those who join in with the tradition of joyful and enthusiastic worship that has flourished for so long at Christ College.


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