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Posted: 13.02.19

Year 6 Visit London

Christ College Brecon hits London!

After a very excitable bus journey, Year 6 arrived in London and immediately headed for the Science Museum. They had a look around some exhibits before heading to the IMAX cinema to watch a 3D film about our Beautiful Planet.

They then raced around the interactive ‘Wonderlab’, which is inspired by power of wondering, they watched live experiments at the Chemistry Bar involving dry ice, went to a rocket workshop whilst others tested the forces of friction on the slip slides.

From there, they headed to the Rainforest Cafe where 12 hungry pupils devoured their meals to the tune of chimpanzees and thunder and lightning! The tree frog on the branch above our table was on the lookout for leftovers but our gang left no scraps!

After their meal, the destination was The Queen’s Theatre where they watched the fantastic ‘Les Miserables’ musical. It was a truly superb performance which moved a good many of the children. They left the theatre with those tunes in our heads and more than ready for our lovely comfy beds back at the Tower Hotel.

After a good night’s sleep, they had an enormous breakfast and the bus dropped them off for a stroll down the embankment towards their next adventure. Waiting for them was the London Eye River Cruise which navigated up and down the Thames River to look at the sights either side and numerous bridges, after that a tour of Sea-Life getting close to stingrays and massive sharks! They stroked a starfish and got nose to nose with an alligator (through a pane of glass!).

After a quick spot of lunch just down from Westminster Bridge, they jumped on the London Eye and had a birds’ eye view of the city.

All in all, it was a jam packed, action filled and non-stop tour of London which all really enjoyed.

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