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Posted: 27.01.17

Year 6 On The Virtual Trading Floor

Year 6 have been busy improving their Numeracy skills by floating shares on the stock exchange as virtual traders this week.

Each group had a wopping £100,000 to invest in the FTSE 100 Company (virtual of course!) and have been learning all about the difference between the GBX, GBP, JYN, USD and even Trade funds in the run up to their temporary roles as virtual city traders in the ‘St Nicholas House Square Mile’.

With enough figures to make your head spin, the pupils have analysed momenta, looked for leaders and considered their options before purchasing stocks and shares.

The most popular companies so far are ITV, Sky, Burberry, American Tobacco and Compass Group. The children will monitor their shares on a weekly basis and will decide whether to buy or sell by studying the interest rates. At the end of the month, they will discover who overbought, who oversold and most importantly, who made the most money!

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