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Posted: 18.03.21

World War Two Day at St Nicholas House

Our Junior pupils took a  step back in time yesterday for a ‘World War  II’ day. Pupils and staff dressed in 1940’s costumes and took part in a day of nostalgic  activities.  The day started with the unmistakeble sound of air raid sirens to signal the start of the day. Activities ranged from recreating speeches from WW2 times, making boxes to house gas (face) masks , playing parlour games and culminating in learning how to dance the Jitterbug .

The day ended with a VE Day Street party with plenty of delicious 1940’s food  on offer– corned beef hash, potato cakes, spam sandwiches, bramble jam sandwiches, carrot sticks, carrot cake, fruit bread and rice pudding. Rationing allowed a bit of wine to celebrate and the children had a choice of red or white (grape juice!) At the end of the day (when the war was over), the children were given barley sweets for their long journey home to their families!

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