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Posted: 23.05.17

Sweet Sacrifice For Leo

Year 6 St Nicholas House pupil, Leo, from Llangattock near Crickhowell has made a dedicated sacrifice for a good cause over the last 12 months.

Year 6 St Nicholas House pupil, Leo, has achieved the ultimate sacrifice and abstained from sweets and chocolate for a whole year!

On April 28th 2016, Leo made the brave decision to give up the very things that most children love and adore. His goal was to give up sweets and chocolate for a whole year and we are delighted that he has fulfilled his promise with ease, saying ‘no’ to temptation for a full 12 months.

Leo has refused the sweet rewards in school each time he reads a book, happy to accept just a tick on the chart. He has exercised immense willpower in avoiding the delicious cakes and occasional treats at school and has done this without fuss or seeking attention.

Even more impressive is the fact that Leo’s parents offered him a £150 cash incentive if he fulfilled his quest and typically Leo intends to not spend a penny of it, choosing instead to donate the sum to two charities which is even more admirable. Leo is considering Unicef and a charity for dogs.

Now Leo has achieved his goal, he has taken the unimaginable decision to continue avoiding chocolate for another year and thinks he will manage this easily. Picking up a well-deserved ‘Star of the Week’ award in his school Celebration assembly, Leo was given rapturous applause by his school friends and staff, some of whom couldn’t imagine a day, let alone a year without sweets and chocolate. We are so proud of Leo and his achievement and especially proud of the kind and generous gesture he is making in donating his reward. He is a remarkable young man.

Here is Leo receiving a well done from Head of Christ College, Mrs Emma Taylor.

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