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Posted: 25.02.19

St Nicholas Timetable Changes

We are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve our provision for our pupils. We are delighted to announce some changes to our timetable to create some even better offerings. The most major change will see our regular games slots move earlier into the daily timetable. Instead, we will be running Forest School from 3.45-4.45pm on a Monday. Games will still occur on a Thursday, but at the earlier time of 1.30pm, followed by normal lessons and prep to conclude the day from 4.00-4.45pm. Monday’s games lesson will move to a Friday in a direct swap with Forest School.

The rationale behind this exciting change is to exploit the expertise and availability of the wider sporting staff here at CCB and also to ensure that we have the pick of the amazing facilities here in the school. Mr Lovering will now be responsible for leading St Nicholas games and we hope to see lots of improvement in both the lessons taught and opportunities to develop key skills in the key sports of rugby hockey, netball and cricket. We will also have more fixtures against other schools.

This table below summarises the main changes which will commence after February half term:

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