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Posted: 20.03.14

School House Retain The Inter-House Drill &Amp; Turnout Cup For The 3Rd Year Running

The 3rd Inter-House Drill and Turnout competition took place on Thursday afternoon. All senior houses had to put forward a team of 21 cadets, plus a team commander. The cadet’s uniforms and bearing were inspected by Captain Andy Rainey MC, the second-in-command of Wales Cadet Training team.

It was evident that the houses had put in a great deal of hard work into ironing their uniforms, polishing their boots and shaping their berets, plus there were rumours of boys seen in town having hair cuts. During the drill phase the teams were judged on their drill at the halt, plus marching in slow and quick time. The judges were members of the Cadet Training team, and as members of the Foot guards, knew what they were looking for, and no mistake, however small was missed.

When it came down to announcing the results, all houses were complimented for their hard work and enthusiasm, but WO2 Elgan Jones won the the prize as best Team Commander, and School House retained Inter-House Drill and Turnout Cup for the 3rd year. However they were pushed very close by Donaldson’s, who were second.


  • 1st School House
  • 2nd Donaldson’s
  • 3rd Orchard
  • 4th St David’s
  • 5th DeWinton

Report by Mark Bevan SSI

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