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Posted: 28.09.21

RESOLVEit Personal Safety seminar for Junior pupils

 Our Junior pupils started their RESOLVEit Superhero Academy last week. RESOLVEit are a Welsh community interest company specialising in personal safety. Their core aim is to promote personal safety education using four core principles; Awareness, Avoidance, Dialogue and Action. These principles underpin all their workshops and aim to instil positive mindsets within school communities and the wider local community.

Their workshops are designed to strengthen self-esteem and empower individuals through increasing their awareness of their own individual personal safety responsibilities and helping them to understand the consequences of actions. Pupils learned basic self-defence techniques and the importance of keeping themselves safe. The programme covers:

  • Respect and Understanding & All About You

  • First Impressions & Friendship

  • Trust & Anger Triggers

  • Non-Verbal Communication & Active Listening

  • Peer Pressure & Bullying

  • Cyber Bullying & Bystander Effect

  • Mindfulness & Gratitude

  • Personal Safety & Online Safety

Pupils particularly enjoyed learning the self-defence moves and learning about personal safety. They also enjoyed the mindfulness part of the workshop. Pupils found the fun, interactive nature of the session  enjoyable. It was something different and new, nothing like they’ve ever done before. 

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