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Posted: 05.05.16

J3 &Amp; J4 Trip To Barry Island

On Tuesday 3rd May, J3 and J4 had a very busy but thoroughly enjoyable day in Barry Island.

Through our study of Victorian towns, we discovered that during the last 20 years of the Victorian era the population of Barry mushroomed from 85 – 27,000 people. And the reason?…The railway! It went on to become the largest coal port in Europe.

With our ‘Historian Hats’ on, we looked at photographs taken in 1900, located where the photographer must have been standing and recreated the moment!

Then, switching to our ‘Geographer Hats’, we looked at the land use of the town and surveyed visitors to the area, asking them their reasons for visiting and how they had travelled. All the children conducted themselves superbly and many people commented on their politeness and good humour! The results of the survey will be used to compare Brecon and Barry.

After all that hard work we deserved a treat! Rock pooling, rock climbing and ice creams were the order of the day followed by a good spell of burying each other in the sand!

A super day was had by all.

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