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Posted: 20.03.20

House Art Competition 2020

The House art exhibition for 2020 was a great opportunity for the pupils to showcase their creativity in art and photography. Mr Pearson kindly judged the event as our judge, Michael Howard, was unable to attend. Well done to all our artists and photographers. Details of the results are as follows:

Alway House

First prize went to

Sophie P , year 7, for her animal print which was humorous and full of character

Second prize went to:

Owen G for his silk flower painting which was elegant and skilful

Third prize went to

Katie Z , for her textured landscape painting that was exciting and demonstrated strong painting skill

Senior Houses

Year 9 Art

Valerie W (De Winton House) received the year 9 prize for art for her still life painting which demonstrated skilful use of technique and imaginative use of colour and brushstroke. 60 points

Special mention went to Lara S for her acrylic still life painting that showed mature technical ability.

Form 10 Art

Dylan R (St Davids House) won the year 10 art prize for the outstanding technical ability and sensitive expression shown in the portrait of his Dad.

70 points

Special mention went to Will P for his atmospheric and imaginative architectural prints, and also to Gabriel N for his landscape painting, which showed a real sense of place , depicting the rugged welsh hills through brushstroke and colour

Form 11 Art

Megan F (St Davids House) won the art prize for year 11 for her dynamic, confident and skilful work on the theme of portraiture and architecture. 80 points

Form 12 Art

Amy Chism, Donaldsons House, won the year 12 prize for art for her sophisticated and experimental portraiture. 90 points

Form 13 art

Emily F (St Davids House) won the year 13 prize for her exquisitely crafted felt jacket with meticulous and subtle embroidery. Special mention went to Alena Ratkina for her powerful and confident portraiture which showed a mature level of skill, and to Issie F for her inventive and sophisticated depiction of architecture, with imaginative and skilful use of techniques. 100 points

Form 10 photography

Amelia J won the prize for year 10 photography for her still life composition which demonstrated creative use of composition, camera angle and editing. 70 points

Special mention went to Oliver T for his imaginative approach to still life with well-considered lighting and tone

Form 11 photography

Aimee T won the year 11 prize for photography for her inventive and technically sophisticated images. 80 points

Special mention goes to Bunny BW for her mature and modern interpretation of portraiture.

Form 12 photography

Stephy C (Donaldsons House) won the year 11 prize for photography for her adventurous and exciting compositions and techniques. 90 points

Special mention went to Amy C for her experimental and engaging analogue work.

Form 13 photography

Alena R (Donaldsons House) won the year 13 prize for photography for her inventive images which demonstrated impeccable editing, powerful narratives and engaging final outcomes. 100 points

Special mention went to Issie F for inventive and professional images which demonstrates humour and imagination.

Prize for Best Display went to St Davids House, 60 points.


De Winton 3rd140 points
St Davids: 2nd310 points
Donaldsons House: 1st350 points

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