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Posted: 11.03.16

House Art Competition


We were fortunate to have well established local artist Tessa Waite as our judge. She is known both locally and nationally and has been involved in many residencies, community projects and exhibitions. She believes that creativity empowers and gave much encouragement to the students in her feedback.

Our thanks go to Tessa and also to The Friends for supporting and sponsoring the event.

Prizes are as follows.

Alway Prizes

First Prize in Always went to John Owen for his beautiful and colourful model of a lizard bird.

Highly commended went to Meghan Fry for her model of a peaceful Lion lizard and to Olivia White for her elebird.

Second prize went to Teagan Williams for her imaginative dry point print of a big cat/bird which featured great perspective.

Highly commended went to James Laurie Chiswell for his wonderful, dynamic composition and to Daniel Allen for his wrap around dragon.

Third Prize went to Georgiana Griffith Evans for a mask of great character with soft mark making. Highly commended went to Bruce Lau for his strong and sensitively decorated , mysterious mask, Jonathan Cornish for his strong, confident and tribal design and Rhys Van Dinther for his expressive mask.

Senior School Prizes Year 9 Art Prize Winner: Moeka Ouchi (De Winton) for her soft, sensitive still life print which was influenced by the artist Morandi. Highly commended went to Henry Alp Williams and Issie Edgley for their clay head sculptures.

Year 10 Art Prize Winner: Harry Jones for his clay portrait (St Davids). Special mention went to Iory Hughes for his textured print, Angus Cloke for his painted pot and textured landscape, India Lilley for her still life print, Bella Lewis for her strongly composed and mysterious print and Sarah Jeffries for her fractured faces image.

Year 11 Art PrizeWinner: Katie De Winton (De Winton) for her dynamic abstract sailing paintings.Special mention went to Jon Griffith Evans for his print of a street scene, Will Bush for his textured tonal print of a Brecon scene, Issac Jolly for his chameleon sculpture and to Ella Valentine for her dynamic photographs that she painted into.

Year 12 Art PrizeWinner: Julia Copp (De Winton) for her thoughtful and ambitious sculptural dress. Special mention went to Zoe Mann for her still life with vibrant rich colours, Alex Kitcatt for his clay model of a blue wolf, Rachel Norman for her textured black and white pots and Anna May Barlow for her monoprints on clay.

Year 13 Art Prize Winner: Sophie James (Donaldsons) for her delicate, patterned paper clay collages. Special mention went to Sian Williams for her dynamic and bold ceramics, Angus Law for his energetic, rich and textured landscape, Sam Maggs for his well observed and subtlety painted prints of local landscape, Ben Draper for his Giacometti influenced figurative prints Megan Jones for her powerful charcoal drawings and Bryony Martin Brown for her atmospheric slab built, architectural ‘wrap pots’.

Year 10 Photography Prize Winner: Katie Garett for her interesting compositions with rulers.Special mention went to Alex Burke for his coloured ink patterns, Stephanie Allen still life with apples and Sam Wong for her dynamic composition with chess pieces.

Year 11 Photography prize Winner: Craig Whittall for his strong and interesting composition with polo mints.Special mention went to Yahan Xie for her glass balls, Lenka Halpin for her blurred composition of a girl and Estelle Jones for her cubed faces image.

Year 12 Photography Prize Winner: Yasuke Hoshi for the city windows and ‘faces through a mesh’ images. Special mention went to Cecily Howarth for her bold use of mixed media on her portrait images

Year 13 Photography Prize Winner: Rosie Evans for her images of blurred and mysterious faces.Special mention went to Sian Williams for her dynamic ‘splashing’ images.

Best Display: Donaldsons House.

Overall results

1st place: De Winton: 400 points

2nd Place: Donaldsons: 100 points

3rd Place: School House: 90 points

4th Place: Orchard House: 80 points

5th Place : St Davids House: 70 points

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