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Posted: 16.03.18

House Art 2018


Our judge was the renowned portrait artist, Nick Lord, who works from his Cardiff based studio. He won the Sky portrait artist of the year in 2013 with his portrait of Hilary Mantel and he has built up an excellent reputation for commission based paintings, including a portrait of our previous Headmistress Emma Taylor. He gave much encouragement and valuable feedback to our students in his presentation and our thanks go to him for his time and expertise.

The overall senior winner of the House art trophy was De Winton House. Alway House had a separate competition. The prize list is as follows:

Alway House Prizes: 1st Prize to Beatrice Purvis (yr 7) for her fantasy print which demonstrated confident use of line and imagination.

2nd Prize went to Valerie Wong (year 7) for her landscape painting which showed well observed representation of nature and for her attention to detail.

3rd Prize went to Matthew Price (year 8) for his batik which showed beautiful draughtsmanship and skill and was very elegant.

Senior House Year 9 Art Prize: Meghan Fry (Bannau House) for superb skill and the facial expression in her charcoal portrait.

Special Mention goes to John Owen (St Davids House) for his beautifully modelled turtle

Year 10 Art Prize: Amelie Gauger (Donaldsons House) for her delicate, beautiful and detailed work as demonstrated in her intaglio print and ceramic pot.

Special mention goes to Evie Lewis (Donaldsons House) for her skilful portrait print, Lily Hughes for her painted valley scene and ceramic pot and to Vincent Hui (school House) for his mixed media landscape.

Year 11 Art Prize: Ffion Mills (Donaldsons House) for her imaginative use of mixed media in her composition of a street scene.

Special mention goes to Issie Edgley (Donaldsons House) for her skilful still life pieces and to Anson Wong (St Davids) for his delicate watercolour of a Brecon street scene.

Year 12 Art Prize: Bella Lewis (De Winton) for her imaginative use of perspective and attention to detail in her depiction of an industrial scene

Special mention goes to Mark Cheung (Orchard House) for his skilful pencil self-portrait and to Nerys Abberley (Donaldsons) for her imaginative representation of an artists tools.

Year 13 Art Prize: Leo Wong (Orchard House) for his creative use of materials to create dramatic and captivating street scenes with clever use of subtle detail such as Japanese lettering to create a sense of narrative.

Special Mention goes to Meri Tokumasu (Donaldsons) for her expressive and energetic portraits and to John Griffith Evans (School House) for his abstracted still life images

Year 10 Photography Prize: Connie Wildee (De Winton House) for her skilful ability to capture the light and abstraction on everyday objects.

Special mention goes to Amy Chism (Donaldson House) for her creative use of the medium.

Year 11 Photography Prize: Colm Fitzpatrick (St David) for the informed simplification and graphic style of abstracted everyday objects.

Year 12 Photography Prize: Sam Wong (De Winton) for her exciting exploration of portraiture through photography and collage creating different expressions and emotions.

Year 13 Photography Prize: Emily Healing (Bannau) for her thoughtful and skilful photographs using collage and sewing.

Special mention goes to Katie De Winton for her experimental layered images.

The overall order of house prizes are as follows:

Winning House:

  • De Winton
  • Bannau House
  • Donaldsons House
  • Orchard House
  • St Davids House
  • School House.

Ours thanks as always goes to ‘The Friends’ for their generous support of this event.

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