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Posted: 14.09.22

Henry’s has had a makeover!

The existing Henry’s, our pupils’ tuck shop and venue for parent refreshments at sports events, has had a make-over .  It opened to pupils on Monday 12th Sept and Year 7 pupil Helisent Graham Paul was the first customer.It is hoped that Henry’s will not only be popular with pupils but also a place for CCB staff , parents and guests to get a’ nice cuppa’ in a nice space too.

Day Hub Lead, Mrs Ruth Allen explains more here:

  1. What has the Henry’s project entailed?

Our pupils have worked with our Estates Department and Holroyd Howe to bring their ideas for  a modern coffee shop to fruition.

The room has had a total makeover ready for the start of the 2022 Michaelmas term. A fresh lick of paint, new modern décor and new  comfy seating give the room a contemporary cafe vibe.  It  also sports a brand new counter and display area for the products and a modern bean to cup coffee machine. A priority was to source a quality coffee too and after a series of tasters, local suppliers Cribyn Coffee were  chosen. https://www.cribyncoffeecompany.com/

  1. Which pupils have been involved ?

Rasana Kaur-Garcha, Rory Mears and Megan Reynolds were the senior pupils who took the lead in establishing the new tuck shop. They were pivotal in training up younger pupils and a strong team was established in the current year 10 group.  The  current Year 10 team include:  Oliver Dorise Turrall, Finlay Horton, Pallav Strestha, Anusha Thapa,  Stella Thewes and Ioan Stepto. They are an incredibly reliable group whose sales techniques could be described as ‘unique’!

  1. What skills have the pupils developed?

Pupils staff the  Tuck Shop, manage the sales, stock take and cash up on a weekly basis. This has provided them with a good insight into  how to manage this small venture. They communicate with Holroyd Howe to order stock on a weekly basis and ensure the smooth running of the shop. The previous success of the tuck shop developed the pupils’ desire to further improve the provision. Knowing that any profits go straight to the Middle School Hub to fund activities is an added incentive for them to ensure it works well.

  1. What input have the pupils had?

Pupils from the Middle School Day Hub and those who were previously working in the tuck shop were invited to meet with the Bursar and discuss the concept for the new and improved Henry’s. This involved sharing ideas about the design, decoration and use of the space. It has been wonderful to see how their initial ideas have fed into a very successful design. The school’s encouragement of pupil ownership of this project has been incredibly rewarding for the pupils involved. To see their ideas translate into design and now a wonderful new space reflects great collaboration between staff and pupil body.

  1. When will the new ‘Henry’s be open to pupils?

Morning Break: Henry’s self-serve  for Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Snacks

5.20pm – 6.00pm: Tuck Shop open to all pupils


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