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Posted: 10.03.17

Donaldson’S Win House Art

The House Art competition was held in the Neuadd Gallery on the evening of the 9th March. Each house put up a display of their students’ art and photography work. We were honoured to have the well-established artist, Sara Philpott, from Mid Wales, with us as our judge and she gave much positive and encouraging feedback to our students during the prize-giving ceremony. The prizes and special commendations were as follows:

Alway House

Highly commended went to Alex W for a spirited painted composition, Daisy T for an arresting self-portrait and Charlie G for a good grasp of the technical and compositional elements of intaglio printmaking.

Prizes 3rd place

Awarded to Corey HT for a delightful intaglio print which seemed to carry an entire story.

2nd Place

Awarded to Adelaide F for a well-balanced, well executed creature in clay with an enduring expression.

1st Place Awarded to Jack Y for his beautiful Chagall inspired composition of a floating man with a briefcase and a wonderful expression.

Senior House Art Prizes

Year 9 Highly commended went to Lucia S for her sensitive portraiture and to Gordon T for his still life intaglio print.

The year 9 prize went to Peter P (St Davids House) for his highly characterful sculpture.

Year 10

Highly commended went to Moeka O for her meticulous attention to detail and the judge would love to see how magical the results will be when she paints and draws from real life.

Also highly commended was Lewis P for his watercolour sketches of streets, Ethan M for his coloured etching of a river and Yu Shu C for a beautiful sense of composition.

The year 10 prize goes to Issie E (Donaldson’s) for her original and delicate printmaking.

Year 11

Highly commended went to Oliver J for his charming hand coloured etchings.

The year 11 prize goes to Charlie M (Bannau) for her painted panels of trees in a landscape.

Year 12 Highly commended goes to Akie T for her beautiful and expansive landscapes

The year 12 art prize goes to Katie DW (De Winton) for her colourful landscapes which sweep you along.

Year 13 Art Highly commended goes to Lily T (Donaldson’s) for her original, large painted face on cardboard, Amy H’s sensitive biological drawings and Tom G’s distressed surfaces on canvas.

The year 13 prize went to Peter B (St Davids) for his textured pieces. Every minute spent on these surfaces adds to their magic.

Senior House Photography Prizes Year 10

Highly commended goes to Colm F for his stunning imagery, colour and lighting, almost like a painting, and to Charlie C for his composition and colour.

The year 10 photography prize goes to Hannah G-F (Donaldson’s) for a well-balanced composition, texture and subject matter.

Year 11 Highly commended goes to Alex B for his innovation and imagination and to Edwin B for his exquisite analogue photos of a Pembrokeshire castle.

The year 11 prize goes to Samantha W (De Winton) for her narrative photos using spider and dragon shadows.

The prize for year 12 photography goes to Emily H (Bannau), for her landscape panels incorporating reflection.

The prize for year 13 photography goes to Cecily H (Donaldson’s) for her narrative photographs.

The best display prize went to Donaldson’s House.

The spread of marks were as follows:

Donaldson’s 300 points,

De Winton 270 points,

Bannau 170 points,

St Davids 150 points.

Orchard and School house, joint 5th place.

Well done to all the houses for putting up such a wonderful exhibition which successfully celebrates the creativity and enthusiasm of Christ College students, and a huge thank you to The Friends for their generous support.

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