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Posted: 15.01.19

Curriculum For Life Programme

Christ College Brecon, has introduced an innovative Curriculum for Life programme, teaching its Sixth Form students valuable life skills beyond the classroom.

The programme was introduced to the school’s Lower Sixth Form pupils at the start of the academic year as a means of helping to ease them into the adult world. It focuses on four aspects of life: Financial Literacy; Politics, Philosophy and Society; Wellbeing as well as The Next Step of Life.

Liz McLean, Curriculum for Life Leader, said: “We wanted to enhance the current Sixth Form provision and prepare pupils for life after Christ College Brecon, regardless of where they’ll live or what they’ll do after finishing their A-Levels.

“The programme focuses on various aspects of life, such as budgeting or paying rent, which are an essential part of adult life. It also supports pupils who are thinking about going to university, by helping them navigate UCAS and finding the right course but also by showing them how to handle university life and cook meals that are both cheap and healthy.”

Every Saturday pupils come together for a session which is delivered by external speakers. Past speakers included Professor Chris George from Swansea University, Dr Bryan Watters, Senior Lecturer in Leadership at Cranfield University and Dr Mike Shooter, former president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Floyd Woodrow, Chairman of Chrysalis Worldwide, one of the world’s leading values-based organisations, also addressed pupils. He encouraged everyone to think about their life goals and provided pupils support on how to achieve their goals once they’d identified them.

Christ College Brecon’s Head, Gareth Pearson, said: “It’s great to have so many engaging speakers join us and start thought-provoking conversations that enable our students to think and reflect.

“At Christ College Brecon, we always strive to offer our pupils a well-rounded education that exceeds academic success and develops our pupils into valued members of society.”

The sessions are also introduced for pupils to actively think about society and become more aware of the world around them. Former clerk of the British House of Commons, Sir Paul Silk provoked an engaging conversation on whether a Vote at 16 should be enabled.

Aidan, a Sixth Form pupil at Christ College Brecon said “My expectations were completely subverted, I am loving CfL, especially the external speakers as they offer an insight to many wider issues. The Core 4 has also been of great use, with my favourites being the philosophy-based talks and mental health talks.”

Given the success of this programme, Christ College is already planning to continue this programme of study to both Upper and Lower Sixth Form pupils. The later stage of the programme will provide a deeper insight into the world of Further Education and work.

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