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Posted: 03.03.20

Coronavirus Statement

Christ College Brecon has shared the steps being taken to protect their pupils against a Coronavirus outbreak at the school and are following advice from Public Health Wales (PHW) and the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA).

The school took action to protect their pupils after the announcement of the Coronavirus outbreak. Upon its announcement all pupils whose home address is in a high-risk area were advised not to return home for half term and to stay with registered host families in the UK.  Similarly, parents and families travelling from high risk areas to visit pupils in the UK were advised not to do so.

The school can confirm that of all pupils who followed this advice none have shown symptoms or had a high temperature during this time. Only one pupil chose not to follow the advice and returned home to Hong Kong, an area not considered high risk at the time but close enough to cause concern. As a result of this they have been quarantined for 14 days and will not return to school until this period is concluded and they have been deemed asymptomatic.

The school was praised by PHW for their actions when a pupil with a high temperature returned after half term from a country not first seen as high risk but now considered so. The testing provided a negative result and the pupil was found to have seasonal flu.

The school are strongly advising all pupils whose home address is in high risk countries to remain in the UK over the Easter break with host families or guardians.

Christ College Brecon are aware that the current situation regarding the Coronavirus is likely to change and have issued information to families of pupils at the school on what actions to take if a member of the family returns from a high risk country in the coming weeks. Anyone returning from a high-risk country with symptoms or a high temperature is advised to contact 111.

Information issued to parents has outlined the need for scrupulous personal hygiene to avoid the spread of all viruses. PHW have advised that masks have not proven to be effective and are therefore not recommending their use.

Gareth Pearson, Head of Christ College said: “We understand this is an anxious time for many, but we are urging people not to panic. We are doing the utmost to protect our pupils and have put systems and guidelines in place to do so. We have followed advice from BSA and PHW to the letter”.

“We understand the speed at which the situation could change and are keeping all parents and guardians updated with information as we get it. I’m very proud of our staff here who have remained vigilant and helped liaise with parents, pupils, host families, and guardians at this time.”

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