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Posted: 03.03.14

Christ College Pupils To Participate In A 2014 Model Un Conference

The CEWC is is the schools arm of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs and has teamed up with Oxfam Cymru to deliver six conferences across Wales, this time on the theme of Conflict and Disaster.

During the conference, being held in Swansea, student delegations were organised to represent countries and non-governmental organisations in negotiations over current and recent events in Syria. They decided what actions the UN should take, with the aim of achieving a peaceful resolution to the conflict and tried to come to an agreement on how best to respond to the rapidly growing refugee crisis.

Head of Christ College, Emma Taylor, said: “These Model UN Conferences are ideal for developing a range of students’ skills, including communication, thinking and working with others. The students, representing nations and NGOs, are required to respond rapidly when news about an emergency situation reaches the General Assembly. The young diplomats need to work together quickly and under mounting pressure in order to respond effectively and efficiently to the emergency.”

In previous years students have delivered prepared speeches throughout the day, but this year, teams were asked to prepare viewpoints in advance – rather than prepared speeches – and the Secretary General requested input on specific issues which are relevant to their nation or organisation.

This event is an exciting opportunity for students to use their research to respond to debates throughout the day and is reflective of what happens at the UN. As always, teams were required to respond to other nations’ announcements and needed to actively listen in order to adapt to changing events.

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