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Posted: 21.09.15

Christ College Makes The Top 10 Value For Money Boarding Schools In The Uk

The world’s most exclusive boarding schools have always had equally impressive admission fees. However, not all boarding options are as expensive. While full boarding will never come cheap, the Good Schools Guide has compiled a list of its best value senior boarding schools across the UK. All schools included have a minimum of 100 full boarding students and full boarding fees for Year 11 UK pupils were used.

The Good Schools Guide review said,”It is astonishingly good value…you’ve got to be impressed, you really have. Boarding done well is what you see here: warm relationships between pupils of al lages and between pupils and staff. It’s a marvellous sense of community, it really is. Here’s a school which inspires affection and admiration in equal measure and in spades.”

Christ College is a school that offers excellent value for money on all fronts and if you would like to find out more about how it can help your child reach their full potential and develop into a rounded, confident adult then don’t hesitate to contact the school and make an appointment to visit.

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