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Posted: 29.09.14

Ccf Cadets Use Exeat To Prepare For Cadsaam

Whilst the rest of Christ College enjoyed a well-earned rest during the first Exeat weekend of the new school year, three teams of Christ College CCF Cadets gave up their weekend off to head to Sennybridge camp on Friday afternoon in preparation for a weekend of shooting practice up on the ranges.

With Christ College entering three teams for the first time, and with lots of younger cadets taking part, it was vital to spend two long days on the ranges zeroing rifles and practicing some of the shoots likely to be part of the competition next weekend.

New to the competition this year is that cadets will have to fire part of one of the shoots from the sitting or kneeling position. With some practice in both positions, the cadets were able to ascertain which worked the best for them.

A huge vote of thanks goes to our Cadet RSM, Rhodri Edwards, for his dedication in coaching and motivating the younger members of the teams. Rhodri consistently sets an excellent example to our younger cadets.

Another thank you must go to our Cadet Training Team member, Sgt Paul Harris, who spent his weekend coaching and imparting his expertise and experience to our cadets.

With a long day shooting on Saturday, and hours spent in the glorious sunshine practicing the longer shoots on Sunday (yes, it was Sennybridge ranges), some very hot and tired cadets and staff returned back to school on Sunday afternoon to enjoy what was left of their break! We wish them every success in the competition next weekend.

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