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Posted: 19.06.14

Cardiff University’S Dan Darwall’S Visit Proves To Be Timely For L6Th Pupils

Dan has worked as a physics teacher and an engineer in industry and he is currently working on a funded research project into the effect of traumatic head injuries in infants. This research is being done at Cardiff University School of Medicine in conjunction with the Medical Research Council. His work involves writing and validating a computer model of the head with high speed images of 3D printed skull models. Possible applications include improved safety helmet design and better understanding of the process of infant head injury.

This was just one of the varied and fascinating roles that Dan has had and which he described to F4 and L6th pupils. Some of his other roles included working with super yacht designs, managing maintenance in Devonport dockyard and working at a Norwegian fish factory.
With Form 4 scientists Dan had devised a practical task which required them to build and test paper rockets, choosing their variables and producing graphical results. We were all amazed at how good these results were!
In the afternoon Dan talked in detail to L6th pupils who were studying AS level physics about a wide range of engineering career options and he gave some wise and timely advice about completing their Personal Statements.

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