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Posted: 18.02.14

A2 Drama &Amp; Theatre Studies Students Deliver An ‘Emotionally Powerful’ Performance

The piece was set in the period between 1957-1965 in a small Welsh valley in North Wales under threat of being drowned by the Liverpool County Council.

Performing in both English and Welsh the group showed the devastating effect that the plan to flood the valley had on the community. The group created characters from different aspects of the community from the young schoolchildren to the old post office owner. It gave the audience real insights into life in a small Welsh speaking community showing the importance of supporting each other.

The piece focused on the emotional impact that the drowning of the valley had on the community of Tryweryn. Using Brechtian theatre techniques, the group aimed to show how a community can be destroyed by outside forces and the importance of the community coming together through adversity. They performed two performances both to large audiences of pupils, parents and teachers who were educated on a small part of Welsh history.

It was a powerful piece that made the audience both laugh and cry, whilst informing them of an event that some knew very little about. Many of the audience commented that they had ‘thoroughly enjoyed` the performance and found its contents ’emotionally powerful`.

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