Sport Scholarships

Sports Scholarships/Awards

As part of commitment to maintain the highest standards as well as to reward outstanding sporting ability, potential, determination and enthusiasm, Christ College offers a range of Sports Scholarships and Awards. These are awarded annually to pupils joining Year7, 9 and Sixth Form.

  • Criteria - Sports Awards are open to boys and girls from any school. We are looking for pupils who meet the normal academic requirements of the school but who also demonstrate outstanding sporting ability, potential, determination and enthusiasm. Successful candidates are likely to be of County or Regional standard or above in at least one sport. They will also respond well to guidance, work well in a team and demonstrate good leadership skills, whether by example or captaincy. Sports Award holders should have exceptional talent in one or more sports, normally at least two. Preference will normally be given to those involved in the School's representational games. Award holders will be expected to be good ambassadors and to demonstrate a willingness to contribute fully to the sporting and general life of the school.
  • Process - Candidates are assessed annually on a date published by the school. Candidates are asked, ahead of the assessment day, to provide a brief sporting CV outlining their achievements to date with a written reference (from a club, county or regional coach or Head of PE, for example. The assessment will consist of:
  • a series of physical tests;
  • an interview with a member of the Games staff to discuss the sporting CV and ambitions of the candidate;
  • an interview with the Head;
  • an Academic entrance test.
  • Sporting Awards are worth between 10% and 20% of the school fees. At 11+ awards rarely exceed 20% but a candidate may be entered again at 13+ if their progress and potential are considered great enough. There is no expectation to study PE at GCSE or A level to hold a Sports Award. For details of the Assessment Days, please click here.