Sports & Activities

There is a wide range of sport and activities available outside of the classroom, organised and run enthusiastically by specialist sports staff and members of the teaching staff. As well as the afternoon games programme there are sporting, cultural, and creative pastimes to give pupils a positive, active, and constructive approach to leisure time.

Sport plays a very important role in the life of our pupils at Christ College. For a small co-educational school we compete in a large number of sports throughout the school year and the overall standard is very high indeed. 

"Christ College is 100% committed to helping us be the best that we can be!"

In addition to the main team sports we also offer Athletics, Aerobics, Badminton, Basketball, Climbing, Squash, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Volleyball, Mountain-Biking , Fell-Running and Cross-Country - a sport where we regularly produce international runners and also compete in road races, triathlon and national events."In a small school, everyone's contribution is important - the team is everything!"

Our facilities are regularly upgraded and improved and our "Hazell's" Astroturf has proved to be a great asset for our hockey teams. Our fitness suite is a superb facility and very popular with pupils helping to improve their all-round fitness levels. There are a range of great fitness areas including lifting platforms, loose weights, functional movement , core strength and cardio. We have squash courts and the Sports Hall, where we play badminton, volleyball, five-a-side and hold indoor winter cricket nets. 

Outside facilities in the 40 acres of ground includes rugby pitches, cricket squares, hard court tennis courts, netball courts and a further tennis courts available on the Astroturf, and outdoor cricket nets.

"If you are keen on sport, you will certainly enjoy the sporting experience at Christ College. Sporting opportunities are available every day. Sport is played at every level and is the heartbeat of the school."

Sport and activities at Christ College are about participation, commitment, organisation, and (most of all) about having fun!