Christ College offers Scholarships and Exhibitions to recognise academic, artistic, musical, sporting and all-round talent.

In accordance with the HMC Rulings, Scholarships and Exhibitions are available at entry at 11+, 13+ and 16+. The Scholarships and Exhibitions are competed for openly at pre-announced dates. At 11+ awards tend to be modest. Candidates can be reconsidered for new or enhanced awards at 13+ or 16+. 

In principle, it is expected that an award will be held for the duration a pupil is at the school. Awards, however, are regularly reviewed to ensure a pupil is performing at the level expected. If a question is raised about a scholar's efforts or contribution the Head will write to the parents inviting further discussion.

Those in receipt of an award are expected to remain at Christ College throughout their secondary education.

Our Scholarship and assessment events can be found here

Below is a list of Scholarships and Exhibitions Christ College has to offer:


All Rounder

For our all Rounder award we are looking for someone with the potential to contribute to a number of important areas of school life. 

We would expect strong academic performance plus contributions to at least two of the following: sport, music, drama and art.

In addition to that we area looking for leadership potential. Awards will be based on academic tests and two or more specific assessments (See Music, Sports, Art Scholarships) , school references and an impressive performance at interview.


At 11+ Academic scholarships are awarded following the scholarship assessments in January/February. To achieve an award , the pupil needs to achieve very high standards in the written test papers  in English and Maths. In addition, the Head and Deputy Head Academic interview candidates to test their ability to think quickly and handle complex ideas. Good performance in the AH2 (non verbal reasoning test) is also contributory factor to an award.

At 13+ the same criteria as above apply although the written papers in English and Maths are more demanding. Candidates from Christ College Year 8 can apply for scholarships at this stage as well as external candidates. 

In Sixth Form, scholarships are awarded based on an academic paper, interview, school report and predicted or achieved grades. Successful scholarship candidates will have mainly A*/As at GCSE and be looking for entry to demanding courses at top universities.


Applicants can apply for a scholarship in Art at 13+ or Sixth form entry and should be able to demonstrate outstanding ability and potential in one or more areas of Art.

At 13+ candidates will complete a short practical test under the supervision of the Head of Art. Candidates should bring a portfolio of work for scrutiny and will have an interview with the Head of Art. Sixth Form candidates should be predicted A* in Art GCSE or related subject. Candidates applying for an award at 13+ must study Art to GCSE.


This award is available at 13+ and Sixth Form.

The scholarship will offer students:

  • Active support from the Head of Drama both in academic drama and in pursuing theatrical ambitions.
  • Opportunities to participate in school drama and to learn leadership within Christ College Drama productions
  • One to one support with any drama school applications. Participation in drama workshops and masterclasses.
  • Speech and Drama lessons that lead to LAMDA qualifications

We are looking for students who:

  • Can show evidence of a passion for theatre, including performance, technical aspects and enjoyment of watching theatrical productions.
  • Have the potential and ambition to develop as an actor/contributor to theatrical productions.
  • Show commitment to involvement in school drama both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Demonstrate an intention to study drama and to participate and lead in school drama.

In order to apply for the Drama Scholarship candidates should produce a one page CV outlining achievements and participation in drama and one or more references from a teacher/director/course organiser. There will be an audition, to include one prepared piece of the candidate's choice , lasting no more than 2 minutes, and a discussion with the Head of Drama. 



Music award holders are expected to represent the very highest standards in terms of ability and commitment. They will demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for what they do and set an excellent example both within school and in the wider community. In return, they will be supported with individually tailored timetables that allow for maximum time to practise and to receive the appropriate tuition, whether that be at Christ College, or at the RWCMD in Cardiff on Saturdays.

Music award holders will:

  • demonstrate a genuine passion for music making at the highest levels
  • aim to make the study and rehearsal of Music their first priority
  • show evidence of excellent results in practical examinations, auditions and public performance
  • show consistent commitment to the improvement of their own skills
  • participate in at least two major ensembles or choirs
  • perform as a soloist both in and out of school at appropriate events.
  • if first study pianists, act as accompanists for soloists and chamber ensembles
  • be encouraged to study Music at GCSE
  • attend and participate in master classes given by visiting musicians.

The audition process for Music awards is intended to discover musical aptitude, promise and a genuine passion and commitment to producing excellent results. Strong evidence of these key factors will far outweigh any previous results in examinations. However, as a rough guide, candidates in the 11+ age group should normally be at least ABRSM Grade 4 standard on their first study instrument and in the 13+ age group, ABRSM Grade 6 standard on their first study instrument. At audition, candidates will be asked to:

  • Perform two contrasting pieces on their first study instrument;
  • Perform one piece on their second study instrument;
  • Play scales and arpeggios as directed;
  • Perform an appropriate level of sight reading on their first study instrument;
  • Complete a set of aural and voice tests;
  • Discuss their motivations and intentions in relation to academic and practical aspects of the subject.

Candidates may bring their own accompanist (if applicable) or, if an accompanist is required, the piano part should be sent to the Music department at least one week before the date of the audition.

For details, please contact Admissions Registrar, Mrs Margaret Stephens, or Director of Music,  Mr Jonathan Ling, for details.


In addition to an academic award, candidates can apply for a Science scholarship. The award criteria is:

  • 13+ Entry & Sixth Form: high performance in Senior Scholarship Mathematics paper
  • An excellent interview with the Head of Science and a demonstrable interest in and enthusiasm for science. 

A Science Scholar will study separate Sciences at GCSE and at least two Sciences at A Level.


Sports Awards are open to boys and girls from any school at 11+, 13+ and 16+.

We are looking for pupils who meet the normal academic requirements of the school but who also demonstrate outstanding sporting ability, potential determination and enthusiasm. Successful candidates are likely to be of county standard or above in at least one sport. They will also respond well to guidance, work well in a team and demonstrate good leadership skills, whether by example or captaincy.

Sports Award holders should have exceptional talent in one or more sports, normally at least two. Preference will normally be given to those involved in the School's representational games. Award holders will be expected to be good ambassadors and to demonstrate a willingness to contribute fully to the sporting and general life of the school.

Award Process

Candidates are asked, prior to the assessment day, to provide a brief sporting Curriculum Vitae outlining their achievements to date and a written reference - from a club or county coach or Head of PE for example. 

The assessment will consist of the following:

  • A series of physical tests, for example speed and agilty
  • An interview with a member of the games staff to discuss the sporting CV and ambitions of the candidate.
  • An interview with the Head
  • Academic entrance tests