About the Faculty

We offer our pupils a range of humanities subjects to help them gain a vast knowledge of how the world works, while building key skills such as how to read and write in a creative, critical and logical way.

Pupils studying one of the humanities subjects at Christ College will not only gain a range of valuable skills that can be used after education but will receive a hands-on learning experience to help enhance their studies.

Our geography pupils have excellent access to innovative technology including geographic information system (GIS) – a system designed to capture, analyse, manage, and present spatial or geographic data - and digital mapping technology, while outside the classroom our pupils will undertake fieldwork at local sites, such as the National Parks, to further afield, such as the Pembrokeshire Coast or the French Alps.

In addition to our geography pupils exploring the coastal regions, our history pupils will get to discover the past direct with trips to the Big Pit in Blaenavon or the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Krakow, while our religious studies pupils can gain a first-hand insight into religion with trips to places such as synagogues and cathedrals across Wales.

We pride ourselves in working with a range of pupils and abilities and have been delighted to see many of our pupils take up humanities subjects in University.




Our aim is to teach Geography in a relevant, engaging and challenging way that stimulates an interest in, understanding of, and respect for the world around us. Our schemes of work are designed to enable students to learn a range of geographical skills and develop informed views about environmental and development issues on a local to global scale. We believe that fieldwork is a vital part of geographical education and so we offer a varied and exciting programme of local, regional and overseas trips where pupils from each year group will have the opportunity to learn first-hand in the outdoors.

The staff in the Geography Department are passionate about their subject and hope to pass on their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills to the pupils through modern, lively and dynamic teaching methods. We aim to stimulate their interest and curiosity in their world and enable them to debate and discuss these important issues that will increasingly affect all of our lives. We strive to make the pupils at Christ College autonomous learners and informed world citizens.

Teaching takes place in two custom-built, airy classrooms, on the edge of the school site with stunning views across to the historic school buildings. They are equipped with full audio-visual facilities, a range of tools for digital learning and internet access for research and the use of digital mapping. iPads are available for general use for data logging in the field, an increasingly important aspect of the subject. This enables the advancement of skills in using geography-specific software and the many related ‘apps’ that have relevance to the modern geographer as well as the day-to-day lives of pupils across the age and ability range. The department also houses a very well-resourced library which provides access to relevant textbooks, journals, newspapers and other publications.


The History Department at Christ College Brecon encourage its students to immerse themselves in stories from the past. With a rich history of our own dating as far back as the 13th century, we aim to nurture a genuine interest in the past amongst our pupils whilst also providing them with a range of skills that will assist them in reaching their full potential. Historical studies are essential in helping pupils to develop a wide range of skills such as reading and note-taking, constructing arguments both orally and on paper and fostering the ability to analyse and learn independently. Key values such as responsibility, tolerance and cause and effect are also promoted through a wide range of themes and different types of History.

Business & Economics

Business GCSE and A Level [Edexcel] and A Level Economics [AQA] give pupils an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in the world of commerce, business management, wealth creation, adding value and current affairs.

Students wishing to study economics should have a strong interest in world issues such as globalisation, government policy, poverty and income distribution, environmental constraints and ethics. Students wishing to study business would benefit from an interest in enterprise and the management of firms in a global environment.

In these changing and turbulent times the study of these subjects has become even more relevant and exciting.

Classes tend to be small and the course materials are up-to date. The teachers are experienced and also have international experience beyond the classroom.

Religious Studies

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

“Philosophy and Ethics is becoming a hot subject as pupils look for answers to problems in today's uncertain world. And it's not just believers who are switching on.”

The Independent

Are you the sort of person that is interested in:

  • what other people believe?
  • what other people think? (Year M11 Philosophy)
  • developing your critical thinking and debating skills?

developing cross-cultural interests through trips, visitors and conferences?

Ethics relates to the study of moral judgment and what is right and wrong, good and bad.

  • Is cloning animals and humans ever right?
  • How can we rehabilitate young offenders?
  • Is the death penalty wrong?
  • What are different religious attitudes towards drugs and world poverty?

Philosophy literally means a love of wisdom, is the study of seeking knowledge and wisdom in understanding the nature of the universe.

  • Is God real?
  • Who or what is God?
  • What are the best arguments for and against God’s existence?
  • Do evolution and the big bang theories challenge or complement religion?
  • Are their answers to the problems of evil and suffering in the world?

At a Glance

Subjects Offered

  • Geography
  • History
  • Religious Studies
  • Economics (A level only) 
  • Business

Head of Faculty

Mr Barney Goodrich

Subject Leaders

  • Geography - Mr B Goodrich, 
  • History -  Mr R Francis
  • Religious Studies - Mr M Cornish
  • Business - Mr R Thompson
  • Economics - Mr R Thompson

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