Curriculum for Life

Being a Sixth Former at Christ College is about so much more than being a pupil who is working to attain 3 solid A Levels. It is about being a valued member of a busy and diverse community. It is about learning to navigate through a time of change and growth. It is about making the right choices and having an understanding of what is to come. Our pupils will embody skillful, knowledgeable, useful, self-aware citizens who will add a great deal to society.

Our excellent academic curriculum and our exciting and timely Curriculum for Life makes Sixth Form life at Christ College Brecon an exceptional opportunity for any young adult who is ready to take on new challenges and achieve great things.

Curriculum for Life takes place every Saturday in the new academic year.  The programme aims to enhance the academic curriculum and ease transition to the adult world for our pupils. All lower sixth academic lessons will take place within the timetable Monday to Friday but Saturdays in the Lower 6th will be dedicated to a well-designed programme of sessions which will give pupils the chance to learn more about and discuss 4 key elements of adult life. We call these four elements the “Core 4”.


·         Politics, Philosophy and Society

·         Wellbeing

·         The Next Step

·         Financial Literacy


Our aim is to ensure that our young adults become more aware of the world around them, of themselves and of the fundamentals which will carry them through to whatever lies beyond their lives at Christ College.