The Maths Faculty

Head of Maths IJ Owen BSc
  • NC Blackburn BSc
  • Mrs C Forde-Halpin BA
  • M McMillan MEng (Hons)

The Mathematics Department is the largest academic department in the school with 3 full time and 2 part time teachers. It is the most popular subject choice in the Sixth Form with over half the Lower Sixth year opting for Mathematics and a significant number also studying Further Mathematics.

In Forms 1 to 3 (Years L7 to M9), the main objective is to consolidate and build upon the basics of the subject already studied and to prepare the ground for the GCSE course. There is a strong emphasis at this level on developing basic numeracy and problem solving skills. In Years L7 and L8, there are typically two classes per year group of about 14-16 and in Year M9, there is normally three groups of around the same size.

All pupils in the school take GCSE Mathematics following the WJEC two-tier syllabus. It is the intention that all three sets at this level take Higher Tier examinations (grades A* to D), though entry for Foundation Tier (up to C grade) is possible. In 2014, 82% of all candidates achieved A*-B grades in Maths at GCSE level.

In the Sixth Form there are two sets of around 16 pupils studying Mathematics and a third group of 10-15 taking Further Maths to AS level with the majority of these students going on to take the subjects to A2 level.

The pupils follow the Edexcel modular course taking a range of modules across the different mathematical disciplines, primarily Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics.

Results at this level are very strong. In 2014, 42% of candidates achieved A* grades, and 100% achieved A*-B.