School House

(Boys’ Boarding and Day House for pupils from Year M9 to Upper Sixth)

Most of School House was built in the 1860s soon after the refounding of Christ College as a modern public school. The Headmaster's original house is now the Junior Common Room, the Middle Common Room and the Quiet Room on the ground floor, with the Housemaster's accommodation on the first floor and the junior dormitories above that. The Octagon was built as the school kitchen! The lower large dormitories were built as such in the 1860s but the studies have been converted from other uses since then. In the 1970s more studies were built in what is called the New Study Block.

Until July 1994 we shared the main school buildings with School House Blue but in September "Blues" became St David's House when they moved to their new site. Since then we have taken over part of "Blues" to provide more study accommodation.

As well as being situated in the core of the original school buildings the house sees itself at the heart of all school activities. School House boys play a leading role in the school's cultural and sporting life. Although many excel in major sports, with a particular tradition in rugby, cricket and cross country, there is always a large contingent of School House men in the School Play, Chapel Choir, Choral Society and instrumental groups.

Academic work is a high priority and results at GCSE and A Level have been outstanding. School House boys and staff enjoy an easy and open relationship and have a reputation in the school for friendliness. Not surprisingly a large proportion of senior boys hold posts of responsibility within the school. The Housemaster, Mr M Sims (and Mrs Sims, who acts as House Matron) live in the house. There is also one Assistant Houseparent (Mr John Johnson) and a team of non-resident tutors. Each tutor has a responsibility for a particular year group and a key role is the close supervision of each boy's academic progress as well as support for the individual's extra-curricular activities. For senior pupils, house staff co-ordinate the work of the academic and careers departments in preparing appropriate university applications.

There is a team of long-serving, caring domestic staff who keep the building and boys' clothes clean. There is also a laundry where boys may do their own washing.

In 2009 School House benefited from a significant refurbishment. We have opened out of a number small rooms and corridors to enable us to provide a single large Common Room for the entire house with an upgraded kitchen facility. This has allowed us to also provide a better area for quiet study as well as a new music practice room and computer room. Allied to this we have also provided a better ground floor changing room area.

Bursar at the time, Mr Kieran Dempey said: "We are committed to a continual improvement of our facilities to meet the needs of the pupils and thus enhance their experience of House life. Following on from the success of the House Common Room in de Winton House and the mini-Astroturf for Alway House, this new Common Room will provide a far better environment for socialising as well as study for all the boarding and day pupils of School House."


  • Mr & Mrs MP Sims, Houseparents Tel. 01874 615450 / 07768 326856
  • Mr J S Johnson, Assistant Houseparent
  • Mr I J Owen, Tutor
  • Mr M J Cornish, Tutor
  • Mr D P Thomas, Tutor
  • Mr M I McMillan, Tutor