St Nicholas House have had a very busy week celebrating the successes of the year with Prize Giving. 

We were honoured that our Head, Mr Pearson agreed to assist and present awards in the Prize Giving ceremony, along with other members of the school community. Director of Music, Mr Ling presented ABRSM examination certificates and Mrs Gardner presented Cycle Safety awards.Before the ceremony, we enjoyed listening to performance by our Year 3&4 recorder group in the Neuadd foyer.


We were also treated to a wonderful cello ensemble performance involving pupils from Year 5-Year 12 under the direction of Mr Alan Davies. This really set the tone for the ceremony ahead.


During the ceremony, which was attended by parents and staff of Christ College, we heard wise words from Head of Christ College Mr Pearson and later listened to a short speech by St Nicholas House prefect, Henry Morgan-Gervis.

We enjoyed a performance from Team Wye, who performed their winning Eisteddfod song and a rendition of ‘A Million Dreams’ which was performed by all pupils in St Nicholas House.

Members of the House Council and Eco-Committee came forward to shake Mrs Lewis’ hand after completing their year of service. We also gave a special award to our 6 original pioneer members of St Nicholas House who received their ‘St Nicks’ Survivor’ certificates.

We were mesmerised by instrumental solo by Tadhg Iley on the guitar.

Mrs Lewis concluded by summarising the year’s events, mentioning special highlights and gave thanks to all those who have supported St Nicholas in the last year.We enjoyed a sumptuous after ceremony buffet and drinks for all those who attended.It was a very enjoyable and successful event for all concerned.

Many congratulations to all and special congratulations to all prize winners.  Prizes were awarded to the following pupils:   

Taylor Cup for Outstanding Achievement  Edward Habgood

Y6  Society of Friends of Christ College Contribution Cup  Heidi Krum

Y4  Sports Cup  Seren Jenkins

Y6  Music Cup William Craddock Y6 

Junior Bard trophy  Neel Doherty Y6    

Progress Award Y3 Harry Ling   

Progress AwardY4  Mabli Iley

Progress Award Y5  Finlay Horton              

Progress Award Y6  Tadhg Iley  

Spoken communication  Jacob Burgess Y5  

Shining Star  Jia Sood Y6  

Sportsmanship  Ella Ling Y5  

Super Speller  Nicky Krum Y3  

English Award  Holly Hill Y5  


Maths Award  George Bragg Y3

Mrs Gardner presented Cycling safety certificates to all members of Year 6.

Mr Ling presented ABRSM certificates for the following pupils


Alaw Price-Harp- Grade 4 with merit

Mabli Iley-Harp -Grade 3 with merit

Tadhg Iley-Guitar-Grade 2 with merit

Ella Ling-Cello-Grade 1 with merit

Harrison Fec-Violin -Grade 1 with merit  

House Council Members:- Neel Doherty-Y6

Alaw Price-Y6

Joti Sandhu-Y5

Harry Ling - Y3

Eco-Committee Members:-

Seren Jenkins-Y6

Henry Wilson-Y6

Ella Ling-Y5

Mabli Iley-Y4  

You should all be very proud of yourselves, continue with your hard work, but in the mean time have a fantastic summer and we will see you all in September.




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