Christ College Brecon Parental Satisfaction Survey

In 2006/7 Christ College undertook its first parental satisfaction survey, administered on our behalf by Ratcliffe Hall Ltd. In 2010, Christ College developed its own Parental Satisfaction Survey using the original Ratcliffe Hall study as a reference point but also incorporating best practice outlined by the Independent Schools Council. This survey was updated and repeated in February 2016.

Overall, the conclusion is that the satisfaction of parents at Christ College is very strong with a Parent Advocacy rating of 96%. This is well above important national benchmarks indicating that expectations are strongly met with parents expressing strong support and loyalty. Best practice organisations typically perform at above 90%. The Parent Advocacy Rating benchmark of other independent schools is also 90% (Source: RSAcademics).

Christ College also has a Satisfaction Rating* of 95% or more in the following areas:

  • Confidence in the leadership of the school
  • The efficient running of the school
  • Dealing with issues effectively
  • General communication between the school and parents
  • Specific communication from the school about your child
  • Methods of communication
  • Frequency of communication
  • Speed of school's response to a parent's particular concern
  • Good discipline
  • Exam results
  • The friendly atmosphere
  • The equipment and resources available to pupils
  • Academic results
  • Adding value
  • Encouraging pupils to become mature and responsible young adults
  • Moral and spiritual guidance given to children
  • Length of terms
  • Quality of teaching
  • Drama facilities
  • Sporting facilities
  • Offering good value for money
  • Would choose the school again
  • Would recommend to a friend

* - Satisfaction Rating calculated by combining the very satisfied/satisfied answers as a proportion of overall responses. In the survey parents have also identified some aspects which they feel require some attention which include:

  • Communication via social media
  • Affordable level of fees
  • Careers advice
  • Quantity and quality of food

Actions planned:

The survey results are discussed in more detail by the Governors, the Senior Management Team and staff and actions introduced to build further on the areas of strong performance and to address the areas identified for attention. These initiatives and action plans will be a key focus for the Senior Management Team and the survey data shapes the school's Development Plan.

In conclusion, the results show that Christ College is strongly out-performing the independent school benchmarks and this is supported by the fact that since 2010/11, Christ College has a very full roll, with the 2015/16 academic year seeing the highest ever number of pupils at Christ College at just over 400.

The school would like to thank parents of current pupils for providing this feedback which we see as critical to improving still further the overall performance of Christ College Brecon.