Inspection of Christ College by Estyn, HM's Inspectorate for Education & Training in Wales

In 2012, Estyn, the office of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales, awarded Christ College the best inspection grades in all three areas examined under its new inspection framework and its results gave cause for great celebration at the school.

The inspection examined three Key Questions:

  1. How good are outcomes? Christ College was rated as Excellent
  2. How good is provision? Christ College was rated as Excellent
  3. How good are leadership and management? Christ College was rated as Excellent

The inspection team judged Christ College to be 'Excellent' in all three areas, the highest grade possible, which means that the school has been identified as having many strengths including significant examples of sector-leading practice in each area.


Head of Christ College Emma Taylor is particularly pleased with the recognition given to the high standards achieved at the school and the quality of provision and support provided to achieve these standards. The report produced by Estyn states ‘Pupils of all ages make very good progress and achieve particularly high standards in public examinations at keys stage 4 and post-16'. It observes that ‘pupils are extremely well motivated, show high levels of self-discipline and are very effective independent learners.' One feature that is particularly pleasing to the school is the observation that Christ College's extensive and enriching extra-curricular activities programme contributes significantly to pupils' personal and social development and their academic progress'.

Another feature at the school which receives high praise from the Estyn Inspectorate is the care and support that the school provides as the report observes that ‘assessment and monitoring procedures are very well designed and particularly robust' and that ‘the comprehensive whole-school arrangements for providing care, support and guidance are highly effective in promoting pupils' academic achievement and emotional development.'

As a result of the inspection, Estyn has invited Christ College to share a number of its sector-leading best practices that were identified at the school as being at the forefront of the sector by his inspection team, as they warrant wider dissemination within the education sector in Wales.

The report also indicates that the prospects for improvement at Christ College were also excellent because of ‘the high quality of strategic leadership of the school; the shared sense of purpose and commitment to the school's values and aims, together with high expectations at all levels; the clear and accurate identification of the school's strengths and areas for improvement; and the track record of making significant improvements over the last six years (since the last Estyn Inspection) in standards pupils achieve and the quality of provision.' Significantly the Estyn Inspection Report concludes that ‘the school makes extremely good use of its resources to achieve excellent academic and social outcomes for its pupils and provides value for money.'

Chairman of Governors at Christ College, The Rev Professor DP Davies expressed his pride on receiving the report saying:

"I know I speak for all Governors in extending our warmest congratulations to the teaching and support staff as well as the pupils of Christ College on the huge team effort that has earned this very well deserved accolade.” 
 The Rev Professor DP Davies - Chair of Governors

 "We are of course delighted that the school has been recognised as delivering an outstanding standard of education to our pupils. This chimes with the feedback we receive from our pupils and parents, but it is very reassuring and satisfying to have it endorsed and corroborated by the Estyn inspectors."
 Emma Taylor - Head of Christ College
 Please click here to read a full version of the inspection report or click on the link below.