Art and Photography

Art & Photography

  • Mrs D Houghton BA (Hons)
  • Mrs U Feldner BA
  • P Edgley ARPS

Our aim is to encourage students to develop their artistic skill, creativity, imagination and independence. The course is devised to accommodate a wide range of approaches in the use of materials, processes and techniques, whilst also broadening the student's cultural awareness and knowledge of the work of artists, photographers and designers.

The course is structured so as to enable students to achieve success and reach their potential. The course is broad based which allows the students to experiment across a wide range of mediums.

  • Form 1. An introduction to art in its various forms - artists, drawing, painting, graphics, and ceramics.
  • Form 2. Building on skills already learnt and developing creativity and independent thought.
  • Form 3. Practical work in Graphics, painting drawing, art history and an introduction to an extended piece of work based on Impressionism.
  • GCSE
    • Art – A broad based two year course that allows pupils to develop their ideas and skills using a combination of the following – painting, drawing, printmaking, digital photography, graphics and mixed media.
    • Photography – A two year course in which the students explore the work of photographers and learn to use digital photography in combination with computers.
  • A/S
    • Art and Photography. A one year course with an emphasis on experiment and development of personal ideas and approaches with strong connections to the work of artists or photographers.
  • A2
    • Art and Photography. A one year course in which each student develops their ideas and skills in depth, producing work of a high level of skill and creativity.